Advanced Training For An Advanced Industry

Southeast Lineman Training Center is the premier training school for pre-apprentice training, consistently producing an elite group of highly trained and certified graduates. We accomplish this through a training style and philosophy that is unlike any other program offered in the country.

This philosophy and style have earned us an outstanding reputation in the industry. SLTC not only focuses on the 15-week Electrical Lineworker Program, but also on additional training labs. These labs cover a wide range of tasks from overhead and underground to OSHA training and crane certification. Our curriculum is constantly growing and our vast array of training options continues to expand.

SLTC Roots

The conception of Southeast Lineman Training Center (SLTC) occurred in 1999 when George Nelson, an entrepreneur from Florida, was approached about the need for quality trained apprentice lineworkers in the electric utility industry. At that time, 19 acres were purchased, a material & equipment building was constructed as well as a 2,160 square foot administration building.

  • SLTC’s first class was taught on February 1, 2000 to 15 students. Two other classes were delivered that year to 19 other individuals.
  • In 2002, SLTC added the ELP training building, which is approximately 2,800 square feet and contains classrooms and lab areas.
  • Since then SLTC training has expanded to include underground, metering, enclosed and confined space, vault rescue, and bucket rescue. The training yard was also expanded to include transmission and substation training.
  • In December of 2004 SLTC broke ground on its 12,000 square foot administration building, which has enabled SLTC to train approximately 140 students in its two large classrooms.
  • During the summer of 2012, SLTC purchased an additional 21 acres to expand the ELP and accommodate more customized lab training. A 6,000 square foot building was also constructed to allow classroom and equipment storage on the extension campus. With this addition, SLTC can now accommodate over 200 students at one time.
  • SLTC currently administers training to nearly 600 students per year in its Electrical Lineworker Program. SLTC also conducts apprenticeship labs for utility companies between classes and builds customized labs for various types of companies throughout the year.
  • In the summer of 2014, SLTC purchased additional land which brought us to nearly 75 acres. A large portion of our land is designated for labs and field training. Having such a vast area to conduct training on allows SLTC to continue to grow and reach new heights in the industry.
  • SLTC continues to make changes and improvements so that we may continue to be recognized as a leader in the training industry.
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