Technical Advisory Board
It’s important that our graduates are receiving training that is relevant to the industry. One way we can be sure that our program and instructors are up to speed on the most recent training methods and equipment is through input from industry professionals. We have created a Technical Advisory Board that consists of highly qualified individuals from various companies and manufacturers in the power delivery industry. The role of the Technical Advisory Board is the following:

  1. To review training materials and offer recommendations for improvement.
  2. To serve as an avenue of communication between SLTC and the electrical utility and construction industry.
  3. To assist with the promotion of SLTC’s training services and products.
  4. To offer recommendations concerning problems presented to the SLTC staff.
  5. To aid in the procurement of power line materials, tools, and training equipment.
  6. To review and offer recommendation on various products that SLTC might develop.