We can bring our highly qualified training instructors to your location or we can deliver the training to your employee on our state of the art campus. We are able to deliver both canned training courses within our curriculum or custom course to meet your training needs. Our highly qualified training team can do the most basic of overhead training such as climbing wooden poles and groundman skills to the most advanced overhead Transmission, Distribution, training such as Hotsticking, Gloving, and Grounding. Our goal at Southeast Lineman Training Center is to always exceed your expectations. We look forward to serving you.


Lab 1

10 Days

Entry Level Wood Pole Climbing

  • Basic Climbing Techniques
  • Climbing Hazard Identification

Lab 2

3 Days

Annual Qualified Climber Training

  • Basic Climbing Techniques Refresher
  • Pole Top Rescue

Lab 3

2 to 3 Days

Wood Pole Fall Protection

  • Training On Your Preferred Fall Protection System

Lab 4

2 Days

Transformer Connection & Troubleshooting

  • WYE and Delta Systems
  • Open and Closed Banks and Single Phase

Lab 5

3 Days


  • Overhead and Underground

Lab 6

3 Days

Tower Rescue

  • Lattice and Tubular Structures

Lab 7

5 Days

Overhead Construction

  • Safety, Job Briefings, Print Reading, & Sagging Conductors
  • Construct Single and Three-Phase Circuits

Lab 8

3 Days

Distribution Hotstick

  • Overhead Distribution Maintenance
  • Hotstick Method

Lab 9

4 Days

Transmission Hotstick

  • Transmission Maintenance
  • Hotstick Method

Lab 10

5 Days

Simulated Live-Line Gloving Training

  • Working Inside MAD
*All labs are subject to availability